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Allan Ford

Boxing Athlete - Inducted 2006

Allan Ford honed his skills as an athlete in the sport of boxing between 1962 and 1982.  He rose from the ranks of a promising young amateur to an accomplished international professional boxer.  

Allan became interested in the sport of boxing when he was 12 and quickly demonstrated his great potential.  By age 16, he dominated his weight division and moved on to national dominance. In 1967, he won the Gold Medal at the prestigious Expo’67 World’s Fair Exhibition Boxing Tournament in Montreal, Quebec. Allan won his first professional match in Edmonton on October 20, 1967, by a knockout in the third round.

On September 27, 1968, at the age of 18, he became the youngest Canadian ever to win the Canadian Professional Lightweight Boxing Title.  His success in the ring continued as he challenged the world’s best.  With a record of 31-0, the World Boxing Association ranked Allan Ford #3 in the world in 1971. 

Allan Ford was a true champion.  He always gave his opponents stiff competition and always accepted the judge’s decision.  He was an exceptionally skillful boxer, and with a boxing style that was a cross between Sugar Ray Robinson and Mohammed Ali, he was entertaining to watch.  After many glorious and memorable boxing bouts, Allan hung up his gloves on June 17, 1982, with a professional boxing record of 103 fights with only 16 defeats.  On December 8, 1986, the City of Edmonton placed him on the Honor Roll.  He was also inducted into the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame on October 5, 1990.

After Induction

2012 - Inducted into the Edmonton Sports Hall of Fame