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Peter Guterson

Wrestling Athlete - Inducted 2011

Peter Guterson is a world-class freestyle wrestler. He started wrestling at the age of eleven and participated through Junior High to University in weight classes from 34kg up to heavyweight at 100+kg. He is a five-time Canadian National Champion and nine-time medalist. Peter wrestled for the Canadian National Team on and off for two decades going to the World Championship in 1987 and 1997, the Pan American Championship, and many other international tournaments. In 2004, at the age of 44, he made the Canadian Olympic Greco Wrestling Team. Peter competed at the World Police Fire Games in Colorado Springs, Calgary, and Indianapolis.

Throughout his wrestling career, Peter participated at many levels, from Elementary all the way through University. He represented many clubs in the city of Calgary, provincially for Alberta, and at the National level for Canada. He is a 12-time provincial champion and a nine-time national medalist, five of them as Canadian National Champion - winning the outstanding wrestler award in 1987 and in 1997 at the National Championships. 

In international competition, Peter wrestled at two World Championships, first in 1987 at Clermont, France and then in 1997 at Krasnoyarsk, Russia. He also competed at the Pan American Championships and at competitions in Cerro Pelado, Cuba; Palermo, Sicily, and many other tournaments - adding many medals and trophies to his collection. Peter won the Outstanding Wrestler award many times throughout his years in international competition.

In 2004, after five different Olympic trials and being an Olympic alternate on the 1984, 1988, and 1996 teams, Peter at the age of 44, made the Canadian Olympic Greco Roman Wrestling Team (DNQ). Peter, who was born and raised in Calgary, is the first wrestler from Calgary to ever win a Senior Freestyle Canadian title at the 90kg and 97kg weight classes.