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Cecil “Tiger” Goldstick

Bell Memorial - Inducted 1975

Tiger Goldstick is a unique individual. His dedication to the furtherance of amateur sport during the past thirty-five years is most impressive. He was instrumental in CFRN radio having an amateur 'Sportsman of the Week'. This program recognizes individuals in amateur sport and is broadcast 27 times during the week. Tiger Goldstick always tries to promote and include amateur athletes or sport personalities on his shows. For 15 years on CFRN – TV, he has moderated 'Tiger's Safety Program for Youngsters', and for the past ten years, he has hosted a weekly amateur sport program. Recently, on Sunday mornings on CFRN - FM he began a sport program where he interviews sport personalities from different avenues of sports.

Tiger Goldstick's major contribution has been as an active contributor to the life of sport in Edmonton. He was the founding father of the first Pee Wee Hockey League in Edmonton - 1938. He served as coach of amateur wrestling in the late 1940s and refereed hockey at the Mite and Midget level from 1948 - 1955. In 1950, he assisted in forming the first Bantam Football League. He has donated numerous trophies to amateur wrestling, hockey, boxing, and other sports. Tiger Goldstick has spoken at 97 sports banquets but has always refused an honorarium for himself - the proviso being that this be channelled into amateur sports.

After Induction

1986 – Goldstick Park in Edmonton was named after Tiger & his father.

1988 – City of Edmonton Sports Hall of Fame - boxing and wrestling

1990 – Order of Canada

2006 - Passed away

Career Highlights:

  • Tiger went to (approximately) 30+ Grey Cups in a row as a reporter.
  • He devoted his life to making sure underprivileged kids always had sports equipment - whether it was a pair of skates, a stick, ball mitt or bat. After some time, the city’s sports reporters got together to help and started the “Tiger Goldstick’s equipment drive for kids”.
  • Tiger wrestled in the navy (he served for two and a half years at sea during WWII) – and that is where he got his nickname. During a match, they introduced him as the “Tiger of Western Canada”.
  • served as a referee for Stu Hart's pro-wrestling cards.