Bovee, Douglas – 1976

Bovee, Douglas – 1976

Douglas Bovee

Wheelchair Sports Athlete, Edmonton

Inducted in 1976

Douglas Bovee began his athletic career at the Stoke-Mandeville Games in 1971, winning a gold medal in the slalom event.  In 1972 at the Wheelchair Olympics, he once again won a gold medal in the same event.  At the 1975 Canadian championships, he won gold medals in javelin, slalom snooker, and table tennis.  Douglas Bovee won bronze medals in both javelin and table tennis at the 1975 Pan American Games in Mexico.

Since induction:

For the 1976 Wheelchair Olympics in Toronto, Douglas designed, and was the first to race in, a light-weight, three-wheeled racing chair.  It was a prototype for the current, high tech racing chairs used today.  Douglas finished sixth and was disqualified because of the revolutionary design of the chair.  Douglas retired from active competition in 1977.

Update:  Aug. 2010