Edmonton Eskimo Football Teams 1978-1982 - Ind 1997

Edmonton Eskimo Football Teams 1978-1982 - Ind 1997

The Edmonton Eskimos dominated the Canadian Football League during a five-year span from 1978 through 1982. The teams, coached by Hugh Campbell, won a record five consecutive Grey Cup Championships.

1978 Edmonton 20  Montreal 13
1979Edmonton 17  Montreal   9
1980 Edmonton 48  Hamilton 10
1981 Edmonton 26  Ottawa 23
1982 Edmonton 32  Toronto 16

They compiled an impressive 60-15-5 won-lost-tied record during the regular season, for a winning percentage of .781, and had an overall record of 70-15-5, for a winning percentage of .806. The Eskimos averaged 32.15 points per game in the regular season and allowed an average of 17.51 points per game. They scored 2,572 points and allowed 1,401. In Grey Cup play, they averaged 25 points per game and allowed 16.2 from 1978 through 1982.

CFL Awards presented:

Jeff Nicklin Memorial Trophy - Most Valuable to His Team
Tom Wilkinson 1978  
Waddell Smith 1979
Tom Scott 1982

Most Outstanding Player  
Tom Wilkinson 1978  
Waddell Smith 1979
Tom Scott 1982

Norm Fieldgate Trophy - Outstanding Defensive Player, Western Division
Dave Fennell 1978
Dan Kepley 1980 & 1981
James Parker 1982

Most Outstanding Rookie
Brian Kelly 1979

Most Outstanding Canadian  
Dave Fennell 1979 & 1980

Jackie Parker Trophy - Rookie-of-the- Year, Western Division
Brian Kelly 1979

Most Outstanding Defensive Player
Dave Fennell 1978  
Dan Kepley 1980 & 1981
James Parker 1982  

CFL DeMarco-Becket Memorial Trophy -Outstanding Linesman, Western Division
Mike Wilson 1979 & 1980

Most Outstanding Offensive Linesman
Mike Wilson 1979 & 1980

Dr. Beattie Martin Trophy - Outstanding Canadian Player, Western Division
Dave Fennell 1979 & 1980

Annis Stukus Trophy - Coach of the Year
Hugh Campbell 1979

Edmonton Eskimos Football Teams  1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982

Barber, Robert  
Blanchard, Leo  
Bolzon, Nereo
Boone, David*  
Broomell, Brian  
Bryans, Ian
Buckanesky, Buck  
Buggs, Danny  
Burton, Maurice
Cutler, Dave  
Cyncar, Marco  
Daniel, Dan
DeBrueys, Mark  
Dickau, Dennis  
Dixon, Ralph
Doering, Harry

Estay, Ron

Fryer, Brian

Faragalli, Joe  
Farlinger, John  
Fennell, Dave  
Fraietta, Emilio

Fryer, Brian
Gaines, Gene  
Germany, Jim
Grant, Danny  
Hayes, Gary  
Hentschel, York
Highbaugh, Larry
Hollimon, Joe
Ilesic, Hank  
Jones, Ed  
Kearns, Dan
Kehoe, Sean  
Kepley, Danny

Kelly, Brian
Kirtio, Stuart  
Konikowski, John  
Lang, Stuart
Lavorato, Pete  
Lemmerman, Bruce  
Levenseller, Mike
Lowe, Ken  
Lumsden, Neil

Mallender, Craig
Manchuk, Bill  
Mandrusiak, Dwayne  
Marshall, Greg
Martin, Willie  
Matthews, Don  
McGowan, George

McLeod, Mike h, Waddell
Stevenson, Bill

McMahon, Jack  
Milian, Ted
Moffat, Quincy*  
Moon, Warren  
Murphy, Cal
Olander, Cliff  
Parker, James  
Paush, Mike
Pointer, John  
Pon*, Tom*  
Pothier, Hector
Potter, Dale  
Pough, Ernest  
Santucci, Angelo
Scott, Tom  
Simmrin, Randy

Towns, Tom  
Turner, Charlie
Tuinei, Tom

Upton, Eric  
Wald, Mark
Walker, Jim  
Walter, Ken  
Walters, Harry
Warrington, Don  
Washington, Larry  
Wilkinson, Tom
Williams, Hank  
Williams, Mike  
Williams, Wendell
Wilson, Mike  
Yochum, Dan  
Zacharko, Dave

Since induction:

Warren Moon was inducted into the CFL Hall of Fame in 2001 and the NFL Hall of Fame in 2006.

The Edmonton Eskimos have continued to win the Grey Cup since the powerhouse teams from 1978 to 1982.  New team members have had a chance to sip out of the Grey Cup in 1987, 1993, 2003, and 2005.

2009 - Canada's Sports Hall of Fame - Hugh Campbell, and Warren Moon inductees

2013 – Canadian Football Hall of Fame – Brian Fryer

Brian Fryer has been inducted into the:

  • U of A’s Sports Wall of Fame in 1983

  • Alberta Sports Hall of Fame - as a member of the five-in-a-row Eskimos - 1997

  • City of Edmonton’s Sports Hall of Fame in 2005

  • Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association Sports Hall of Fame in 2008