Fischer, Alfred - 2005

Fischer, Alfred - 2005

Alfred Fischer

Multisport Builder, Calgary

Inducted in 2005

Alfred Fischer’s contribution to sports in Alberta over the last 30 years has had an immeasurable impact on the world of sports provincially, nationally and internationally. The ski disciplines of Alpine, Cross-country, Biathlon, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined have all benefited directly from his knowledge and expertise of the sport delivery system.

Alf Fischer served as President of the Alberta Division of the Canadian Ski Association from 1983 to 1996; Director of the Canadian Ski Association from 1983 to 1994; President of the Alberta Ski and Snowboard Association from 1997 to present. During the 1988 Winter Olympics, Alf was the Alpine Chairman responsible for all alpine events. He served as Chairman of the Calgary Olympic Development Association (CODA), as well as director and member of several sports and community associations.

Alf Fischer’s dedication and commitment to sports has been recognized through the many awards that he has received from different organizations. Awards received include the: Alberta Achievement Award for Skiing, Volunteer of the Year Award, Canadian Ski Association Service Award, Alberta Achievement Award for Contributions to the Olympics, Cross Country Canada Service Award, Honorary Life Member Canadian Ski Association, CODA Lifetime Honorary Director and Service Award.

Alf Fischer gives unselfishly to all that he does. The number of people that he has touched is immeasurable and his impact on the world of sport is immense.

Alfred Fischer

2005 Multisport Builder, Calgary

Since Induction

  • 2005 - Alberta Centennial Salute for Sport and Recreation Award

  • 2008 - Calgary Booster club Sportsman of the Year