Haley, Jim "Whitney" – 1995

Haley, Jim "Whitney" – 1995

Jim “Whitey” Haley

Softball Athlete, Calgary

Inducted in 1995

Jim "Whitey" Haley's pitching career spanned fifteen seasons when he competed in tournaments at the local, provincial, regional, national and international levels. He pitched for the softball team that won the right to compete for the 1961 World Amateur Softball Association of America Championship. The following year, the team also competed for the title at the championships. "Whitey" Haley announced his retirement from softball in 1967, but the story did not end, then. He returned to the senior fastball ranks when the pro-fastball league started up in 1973 in Western Canada. He competed in Softball Canada's National Championships while playing in this league. Jim "Whitey" Haley is a member of the Softball Canada Hall of Fame.

Jim “Whitey” Haley

1995 Softball Athlete, Calgary

Since Induction

Note: Jim brought a softball team he was coaching to the Hall of Fame c2012. They had a fun time looking at his picture in the Hall of Fame Gallery.


1989 - Softball Canada Hall of Fame (Athlete category).

1995 – Alberta Sports Hall of Fame (Athlete category).

Born: July 22, 1935 – Calgary, Alberta

Passed away: July 6, 2014 – Calgary, Alberta (78 years old).

Update: August 2017