Johnson, Stephen - 1982

Johnson, Stephen - 1982

Stephen Johnson

Shooting Athlete, Calgary

Inducted in 1982

Stephen Johnson began his shooting career in the late 1920's and by the 1930's, he had achieved his highest levels. He quickly vaulted to international acclaim with a number of first, second, and third place finishes. High place finishes in eight events in 1933 earned him the title of Premier Marksman. He was named to Canada's Bisley Cup Team from 1932 to 1938. In 1933, he served as president of the Civilian Rifle Association. Stephen Johnson authored the book "Shoot to Live". His coaching techniques have been used for many years by the Canadian Armed Forces.

Stephen Johnson

1982 Shooting Athlete, Calgary

Since Induction

For a number of years there was a shooting range in north east Calgary named the Steve Johnson Range that was located adjacent to the Calgary International Airport. It was the host venue for the 1998 SFC Canadian National Championships. The shooting range closed April 30, 2013 when the City of Calgary ended their lease of the property.

More Information:

Stephen was born June 15, 1905 in Dundas, Ontario.

He passed away January 9, 1982.

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