Raymond Union Jacks Basketball Team - 1923

Raymond Union Jacks Basketball Team - 1923

Raymond Union Jacks

Basketball Team (1923)

Inducted in 1976

Basketball was introduced into Alberta about 1903 in the towns of Raymond and Stirling.  By 1913 - 1914, a four-team league was operating with Cardston, Magrath, Raymond, and Stirling competing.  During their early years, the Raymond Union Jacks played 177 games, winning 136 of them.  Twice, they defeated the Minneapolis GlobeTrotters who boasted to be the best team in 14 States.

In 1921, the Raymond team won its first provincial men's title.  From 1921 to 1941, this championship was won by Raymond 15 times.  Twelve times the Raymond Union Jacks played in the Western Canada finals.  In 1923, they were the Dominion Senior Men's Champions. The Raymond Union Jacks Basketball Team were leaders in the development of basketball in Alberta.

1923 Raymond Union Jacks Basketball Team

Buhler, Turk*  
Fairbanks, Harold*  
Fisher, Neil*

Jensen, William*  
King, Louis*  
Meldrum, Wilford*

Nalder, Clifton*  
Powelson, David*  
Walker, James*

Picture - Left to right:

Back row:  Harold Fairbanks, Neil Fisher, Clifton Nalder, Turk Buhler, James Walker, Wilford Meldru.

Front row:  William Jensen, Louis King (President), David Powelson (Coach and Manager), Leonard Webster

1923 Raymond Union Jacks

Basketball Team, Raymond

Inducted in 1976

The Raymond Union Jacks men's basketball team were early pioneers of the sport in Alberta.  Since their induction in 1976, all members of the team have passed away.  The Lethbridge Historical Society has featured the team on their Facebook postings.  A number of authors have included sections on the team in their books.  The legacy of the Raymond Union Jacks team was the formation of the Broder's Chinooks team - (with players also joining from the Lethbridge Aces team).  The Broder's Chinooks went on to win four Dominion Championships and the 1958/59 to 1961/62 teams were inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame in 2014.

Reference Books that include material about the Raymond Union Jacks.

A Game Plan - A Social History of Sport in Alberta, by Karen L. Wall (Page 69). The University of Alberta Press.  Published in 2012.

Update:  December 2017