Seaman, D.K. 'Doc' - 2007 X - BJ Seaman, Hotchkiss 2007

Seaman, D.K. 'Doc' - 2007 X - BJ Seaman, Hotchkiss 2007

B.J. Seaman, D.K. Seaman & Harley Hotchkiss

Hockey Builders, Calgary

Inducted in 2007

D.K. (Doc) Seaman, B.J. Seaman, and Harley Hotchkiss played an instrumental role in bringing NHL hockey to Calgary in 1980 by acquiring and moving the Atlanta Flames Hockey Team to Alberta. The team became the Calgary Flames and the men were majority owners. The three men have also made an incredible contribution to grass-roots hockey in Alberta and Canada.

In 1980, they created Project 75 - named to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Province of Alberta. Since 1980, Project 75 has generated nearly $10 million dollars and has contributed more than $4 million dollars directly to grass-roots player development, coaching development and training for officials. Project 75 also enabled Hockey Canada to move its Head Office from Ottawa to Calgary.

Project 75 established and supported the Hockey Canada Centre for Excellence in Calgary. Four more Centres of Excellence have opened across the country in Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Hundreds of thousands of young hockey players are the beneficiaries. All of the Centres of Excellence have earned recognition for the work they have done with young hockey players in Canada.

Project 75 presents the annual Lanny McDonald Hockey Award Scholarship to a male player at the University of Calgary, along with scholarships in the names of all three men - all of which are anonymous donations that are matched by them personally.

The men have also played an integral role in the development of the Saddledome Foundation which each year puts money back into amateur sports in Calgary. No other pro team or pro team owners match this type of contribution.

Harley Hotchkiss was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2006. He and D.K. (Doc) Seaman also received the Order of Canada – Seaman in 1993, and Hotchkiss in 1998.