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Darryl O'Brien

Canoe/Kayak Builder- Inducted 2022

Born in Coronation Alberta Dale & Darryl O’Brien have together contributed significantly to the sport of Canoe and Kayak. With contributions spanning the last five decades, the sum of their volunteer efforts and dedication to several disciplines of kayaking are remarkable and unprecedented. The term “builder” to describe them and their efforts is incredibly suited, as they have figuratively built clubs, associations, coaching and referral programs as well built kayaks, paddles, PDF’s , and all manner of equipment. Their contributions over time have clearly had a profound impact on the accessibility of kayaking to Albertans stimulating growth from grassroots programs, through to high performance international events. Their first major achievement was the creation of the Edmonton Whitewater paddlers which has evolved and endured over the past many decades to support and develop both adult and youth recreational and competition paddlers through a variety of kayak disciplines. They introduced the sport of Canoe Polo to Canada in the early 1990 and not only did they become coaches and team leaders on numerous Canoe Polo nation teams but they were also involved in hosting the 2014 Canadian Polo Championships as well as competing in the recreational division. Some of their other achievements include Seven-Time World Whitewater competitors, numerous world cup events, and competed for Canada at 5 Canoe Polo World Championships and the 2001 Pan American Championships.